Nice Things People Said:

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful review… Your observations are spot-on on so many levels and refreshing at times. I appreciate you sharing your experience as a father as well – it opens the door to a wider audience who otherwise may not have been interested in this topic.” Rachel Papo

“Thank you for writing such a beautiful review! It is really an honor for a photographer to have you look at their work, understand it as you do and take it to another place with your powerful interpretation.” Kathy Shorr

“Not to be outdone, Cary Benbow of F-Stop Magazine, spent an hour and a half grilling me, with an incredibly considered perspective, and then wrote a killer review, which was humbling.” Jonathan Blaustein

“How delightful to get such a wonderful review. I can’t thank you enough and I must tell you, from my point of view, it’s right on point! As you know, all such writing is always helpful and I’m going to send it out everywhere and anywhere with great pride.” Charles Traub

“I’m really touched by how you have interpreted my series and pulled in references to my family within the body of work. It’s a great review and I’m so thankful for your insight. Thank you for placing it within my larger practice too; I’m overwhelmed to be honest.” Mandy Williams

“Thanks so much for the brilliant review. I really appreciate your dedication to this and your connection with the project. This has been a passion project for so long, with blood sweat and tears poured into it, and it is so amazing when people get it.” Huw Alden Davies

“Cary is a really thoughtful person when it comes to writing about photography… I think his experience with textbooks and the publishing world and the photography world is relevant to the way we teach photography… and you could make the case that his writing is reflective in terms of what we’re talking about in the classroom, and if you’re reading any of the publications that Cary is published in, then he’s influential.” Michael Chovan-Dalton

“Thank you for the thoughtful review of my book…you went the extra mile to think and rethink the work, which I know can be difficult for viewers. I feel like you made yourself vulnerable similar to what I do when making a portrait. You touched upon issues that I think others are afraid to tackle.” Lydia Panas

Recent Things I’m Proud of:

Photo Exhibition: New Photography 2022, Aurora PhotoCenter at Gallery 924, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2022

Ten year anniversary of publishing Wobneb Magazine – 2022

Featured Photography guest on The Real Photo Show Podcast, Episode 24, May 22, 2021

Featured Presenter –  Ffoton Wales, Writing on Photography, March 2021

Writer of essay for exhibition and accompanying book publication: Trieste Photo Days Festival, Milan, Italy, Staying Home Together, August 2020

Photo Exhibition: Is Everyday Extraordinary?: A Photography Show, Aurora PhotoCenter at Gallery 924, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2019

Writer of essay for exhibition of photographs by Emmanuel Monzon at Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto, 2019

Writer of photo book introduction essay: Microcosmic by Marc Sirinky, 2019