An isolated gas station at night is a place in and of itself. This island of light in the middle of the inky black night sits waiting like a stage lit scene where anything, or nothing, could happen next. It is an oasis where people and vehicles will migrate, cross paths and head off in different directions; or it will sit empty for hours until the sunrise. Without even the need for an attendant, the island is a self-service segue from one dot in the night to another.

island - sunoco
island – sunoco
island - Shell
island – Shell
island - Marathon
island – Marathon
island - Love's
island – Love’s
island - exxon tigers
island – Exxon tigers
island - Country Mark
island – Country Mark
Island - 76
Island – 76
island - 76 & 7-eleven
island – 76 & 7-eleven
island - Shell
island – Shell

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