By documenting my immediate world I am creating visual metaphors for common themes of life and the experiences we all share. Most recently, I have been exploring themes and tropes of midwestern towns, and its communities. In my images, I try to invite the viewer to tap into their own life experiences – to see parts of themselves, their lives, and compare my images to their own memories, and create a feeling of commonality.

Natural Setting Series – Constructions of people and place touch on the surreal tension created between humans and our reconstructed ‘nature’. Likewise, other images highlight the ironic use of fabricated natural objects placed within a natural setting. These different scenes in the Natural Setting series explore the same question – why do we feel compelled to re-create natural environments and how do we interact with them?


Natural Setting
Natural Setting – Buck
Natural Setting, Adams Residence
Natural Setting, Adams Residence
Night Crew_1000
Night Crew
DSC_0208 - 2011-03-30 at 16-56-32
DSC_0377 - 2011-04-21 at 06-47-49 - Version 2
Morning Shadows
Natural Setting, Adams Residence, 2015
Natural Setting, Adams Residence
Natural Setting
Natural Setting – Fresh Eggs
Natural Setting – Broadway Street, Greenfield, Indiana, 2017