Cary Benbow is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Greenfield, Indiana. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, and prints of his work are held by a number of patrons and/or collectors. After graduating with a BFA in photography from Ball State University, he worked in higher-education publishing for a dozen years before changing careers to work as a photographer, picture rights and permissions researcher, writer, and manager of an independent movie theatre. Cary is married to his high school sweetheart, and has 5 wonderful children.

In addition to publishing Wobneb Magazine, Cary is a writer and regular contributor to F-Stop MagazineArt Narratives, Yield Magazine and several other photography publications, including Lensculture, and Vantage Photos. He has been a part of the Creative Exchange Group of content creators on Medium.com, and has worked with them toward the development of the Medium Partner Program that will create a subscription product for the platform.

To view published written work, visit https://medium.com/@CaryBenbow


Email – carybenbow@gmail.com

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