Cary Benbow is a writer, editor, researcher, manager, and photographer based in Greenfield, Indiana. After graduating with a BFA in photography from Ball State University, he worked in higher-education publishing for a dozen years before he and his wife Jodi ran the family business – an independent movie theater. They are the proud parents of five wonderful young adults.
His articles, interviews, and book reviews have been published in a number of online and print magazines, and his photography has been widely exhibited. Cary is a staff writer for F-Stop Magazine, a contributor to YIELD Magazine, and his writing has been featured in LensCulture, Vantage, Fujifeed, Photomachina, and ArtNarratives. He is the publisher and editor of Wobneb Magazine.

His photographic work largely centers on scenes, and themes, and tropes of the community where he grew up, left in my early adulthood, and returned to in middle-age; exploring and documenting various aspects of the community; embracing and rejecting large swaths of it at the same time.

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